The Corona
thank you notes

These are crazy times, but the world keeps turning: thanks to the amazing people still out there, every day, just doing their jobs. 
That's the incredible NHS workers, the police officers, the fire service, the people keeping your local supermarkets shelves stocked, the teams delivering those care packages you’re sending to self-isolating relatives, the crews flying stranded friends home, and, of course, the tube, train, tram, and bus-drivers that get them all to where they need to be, and home again at the end of along shift.
That's why we made these -
The Corona Thank You Notes. 
A simple way to say thank you to the key-workers who are keeping the lights on - sometimes literally. 
Just click on any of the thank you notes to download it - either to your phone, to share on your socials, or to print out at home and stick on your windows or front door. 

Or, you could go a step further, and donate £5 to the Covid-19 Relief Fund, and get your hands on a limited edition poster. ©Creature 2020

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